So What Is CrossFit, and Why Are People so Obsessed with It?

By now most of us have had some kind of interaction with CrossFit or someone who has done it. Everyone has that friend who’s posting their sweat angels on their Instagram daily, bragging about their #FitFam and trying to get you to come in for a workout. But why? How did this organization go from being mostly unheard of to having 13,000 + affiliates in only 10 short years? Why are their members so passionate; herding everyone who will listen into their local box? For many CrossFit looks extremely intimidating, full of testosterone and abs and fast paced, intense workouts which leave everyone coughing and gasping for air. While not all these points are untrue – people come in for the abs - they stay for the functionality, inclusivity and community.

CrossFit is Functional

Directly from the training guide CrossFit is: “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement”, but what does it mean? The movements that we train are universal, safe movements that apply directly to daily life. Bicep curls may make those veins pop, but at the end of the day their function is limited. Most of the movements that we see in a traditional gym spotlight only one or two muscles at a time. If you do enough of them consistently, you’ll probably see growth and improvement and work up a sweet playlist on your phone for those lengthy gym sessions. CrossFit prescribes primarily compound movements which recruit power beginning in the core and leading out to the extremities. During any given WOD (workout of the day) you may find movements like squats, presses, dead lifts, pull ups, thrusters, running, rowing, biking, burpees, cleans, snatches, push ups, sit ups, and so many more. These movements not only help us build cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, coordination, power, flexibility etc., but they’re useful in everyday life. We squat when we go to the restroom, get in and out of our cars, chairs. Dead lifts help us pick up moving boxes, suitcases, groceries, and even our children. One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year, and the burpee teaches the basic movements needed to move from the ground to standing again. These workouts aren’t programmed just to get us all cut and ready for summer, but to improve the quality of our lives for decades to come.

CrossFit is Inclusive

Never have I experienced a more diverse group of people who instantly get along. The members of Papago CrossFit come from so many different backgrounds. Our members are engineers and school teachers, students and geologists, dentists and developers. We have new college grads and parents, men and women, from all walks of life. Regardless of life outside of the gym, when you walk through the door you can count on having an entire room of people ready to cheer you on for the next 60 minutes. CrossFit as a community invites everyone and anyone to just walk in the door. For many, that first step is the absolute hardest. Whether you’re looking to change up your fitness routine, or have never stepped foot inside a gym before, we welcome you with open arms.

CrossFit is a Community

CrossFit is a true community. We suffer together, we celebrate accomplishments together and we support each other in and outside of the gym. We go to each other’s weddings, party on each other’s birthdays and go nuts when we hit that PR we’ve been working on for months. Over the last four years Papago CrossFit has stood behind its members in their times of need and organized amazing fundraisers. Papago has collected supplies for the Military members in our community on deployment, school supplies for our teachers who already give so much out of their own pockets and toys and food for our furry friends at the Tuba City Humane Society. CrossFit Affiliates all over the country participate in toy drives, canned food drives, cash fundraisers and not-for-profit competitions. Outside of fundraisers we participate in Hero WODs like Murph, DT, Chad, JT, Tillman and so many more which all honor fallen members of our military. We work ourselves into a puddle and remember the heroes that have given their lives to keep us all safe. Community can be described as - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We are just that, a fellowship with the common goal of making ourselves better, in and outside of the gym.

CrossFit can be many things for many people. A sanctuary, a family, a space to grow our self-confidence, a space to sweat out stress and frustration. Still don’t believe us? Give us a call, shoot us a message and take that first step through the door.

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