Papago CrossFit Moves to Central Phoenix!

November 16, 2018

For the past 4 years the Papago CF family has been operating in South Scottsdale in a small little space with a small little community having small little dreams.  The time had come to make an extremely tough decision, on the one hand there was an option to move to a new location and try move on but the cost was just too much and it seemed impossible. The other option was simply to close up and move on to the next phase in life.  With much painstaking deliberation both Coach Cannon and his wife Megan decided that the best decision was to follow the 2nd path and close up shop and try to pick up the pieces and move on. However some members of the Papago Community had a different idea. Armed with grit and determination and some serious know how these ladies were determined to make it work and help in any way possible even though, as with most folks, their own lives were extremely busy and chaotic but fitness and community was just too important to them to simply give it up.  A decision was made, and then reversed because of some extremely loyal extended family members who wanted to keep the good times going so WE ARE MOVING TO CENTRAL PHOENIX! That’s right #CenPho we are going to be the first CrossFit in your area. Coming to Central and Camelback in the month of December 2018! We are so excited to have found a location in such a fantastic area! So if you thought CrossFit was something you wanted to try by couldn’t find a box in your area let Papago CrossFit be your new home for fitness and friends! See you soon!

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