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Papago CrossFit is a "Box" steeped in community ties making us and shaping into who we have become and where we are going. At present, we have 62 members and are looking to grow, not just for the sake of growth but so that we as a community can realize our goals of not just impacting those people that walk through our doors but also our neighborhood and surrounding areas. To do this we are asking for help from current members and not without some really cool incentives for those who help spread the good word!

Starting in February (this month) Papago CrossFit is looking for a push to 100 members. Any member who refers a new client and they sign up for a 6 month or longer membership will get an entry to win a prize of their choice;

1) A staycation at a local resort for 3 days 2 nights

2) A 60 inch flat screen smart television

3) A custom beach cruiser built to your own specifications

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