Donations for our Troops

This month our gym is partnering with Alyssa Paul to help the Marine Medium Tilt-Rotor Squadron, who are deploying overseas this month and won't be home until March of 2017. There are approximately 160 Marines, both men and women who need us to help them with the simpler things in life.

Things like;

Powdered Drink Mix- Cocoa, instant coffee, tea bags, emergen-c

Meal Enhancers: Ramen, seasoning salt, individual packets of hot sauce

Quick Protein- energy bars, tuna, non-perishable USDA beef jerky (NO Pork)

Toiletries- tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, cotton swabs, shaving lotion, razors, individual tissue packets

Personal Care- baby wipes, eye drops, lip balm, lotion, aspirin, feminine hygiene products

Foot Care- Moleskin, medicated foot powder

Disposable hand warmers- the desert gets cold at night and can be as low as the 20's (F)

Cotton Socks and undies

Now just because these men and women are in the armed forces doesn't mean they don't need some forms of entertainment so other items are also welcome.

Items like;

Reading Material- Books, magazines, comic books

Word Games and Puzzles- crossword, word find, Sudoku

Games- foam footballs, frisbees, hackey sack, playing cards

Batteries- AA & D

Theses items all can be purchased from anywhere but buying in bulk at Costco or Sam's Club may be more cost effective. Cash donations are also accepted. Every little bit helps, these men and women are giving up so much to afford us freedoms we tend to take for granted so let's show our support by giving them all we can.

Donations can be brought to the gym ( 7000 E. McDowell Rd. Ste. 130, Scottsdale, AZ 85257) or to Sparrow Financial (16100 N 71st St, Scottsdale, AZ 85254).

For additional information or questions call Alyssa Paul at 480-862-9925 or email @

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