Welcome to the Week! Monday 4.12

W- Kettle bell warm up, consists of x5/exercise/x2 rounds unbroken: Single Arm Russian/side, American, snatch/side.

Then, Goblet Squat x10, Waiter Carry 100ft/arm, Turkish get up x3/arm

*Use very light KB

Skill- Headstand hold- accumulate 2 minutes, kick up to wall 20 times, kick up free standing 10 times, rest as needed during this.

A1) Barbell Glute Bridge x6 @11X2 tempo

Rest 2 minutes

Start at 95# and increase 10# each time

A2) 30 mountain climbers/side


B) 5 rounds for time:

25 Russian swings (55#/35)

25 goblet squats (55#/35)

12 burpees

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